We are proven leaders in the Clinical Research Industry! When you seek medical care, you want the very best. We are dedicated to providing the best care through clinical research studies.


We have 12 sites across the greater Houston, Texas Area. 1 in San Antonio and 5 in Lake Charles Louisiana. By having this network of physicians each with their own multiple research programs, we can provide a wide range of options to patients where they did not exist before.

Our company began with Rheumatology and we have 9 sites specializing in that indication. We have branched out into Cardiology, Hematology, ENT, Endocrinology, GI, Oncology, Primary Care, and Women’s Health”

We match patients to protocols so that our patients have access to cutting edge options before the rest of the population.

This benefits the sponsor company by helping build the knowledge about a particular medication, and it benefits the patient by providing them with frequent evaluations and access to new medications. This also benefits future generations. Without clinical research today, there would be no new medications tomorrow.


Our Mission is to explore every option for a patient. Providing hope for patients and hope for the future. We are exploring the future of medicine every day, and opening doors for our patients.


Research is Hope!! Be a part of it!!


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