“We work with Patients/Volunteers, Physicians/Investigators & Pharmas/CROs, in the cycle of Clinical Trials. ”


When you seek medical care, you want the very best. We are dedicated to providing the best available care through clinical research studies. If you are seeking to enroll in a clinical trial, you are not alone. Millions of people enroll nationwide every year. Participants in these studies help answer important questions about the best ways to diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

People choose research for several reasons: to help others, to advance science or knowledge about a particular disease or treatment, to receive options that might not be available outside of a research facility, and to have state of the art research analysts involved in their case.

Medical advances throughout history have been possible because of selfless volunteers, and in many cases participants in research have benefited from the advantages of tomorrow’s medicine. Many have enjoyed increased quality of life, improved health and well-being and have enjoyed knowing they are part of medical history, by helping tomorrow’s future. Today is the perfect day to volunteer.

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Caring, Compassionate, Dedicated, just a few reasons we at ACR work diligently in the research industry. We are looking for like-minded clinical investigators that can answer important questions about the best ways to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. As investigators we can bring tomorrow’s medicine to our patients today through conducting sound research studies.

Our clinical Investigators benefit from a wide range of expertise and experience in the clinical trial and regulatory industry. We serve our partners by providing the resources and experience they need to develop successful clinical studies. We have proven results and a willingness to work with investigators based on their individual needs.

Whether you are an experienced investigator and would like to take advantage of our consulting services, facilities and resources or you prefer our turnkey support by becoming an ACR Primary Investigator we have the resources and talent to develop your research practice.

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The Accuracy of your protocol is not just important to us, it is our name!. Our combined 40 years of industry experience, offers our sponsors the expertise to deliver results on time. We know that each trial offers a unique set of dynamics and standards and our investigator have proven track records. Accurate Clinical Research has developed a partnership with some of the biggest Clinical Research Organization.

Our facilities are furnished with state of the art medical equipment and offers full comprehensive clinical and diagnostic services. All of ACR’s locations have locked and limited access drug storage, and basic lab and equipment facilities for specimen and diagnostic collection. Our rheumatology sites have full infusion services that offer the patients an easy setting for receiving their research medication. We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients.

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